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What I'm Doing Now

At the moment, I am no longer driving for Group Travel as a bus driver,In the near future I hope to start studying 'Kernowek', or Cornish, as I now live in this beautiful County, and also to become a 'Radio Ham'. UPDATE!!! Having got 1) divorced and 2) engaged and 3) now single again!, I have been kept pretty busy!!! Keep watching this space...... Now studying for Approved Driving Instructor Status!! Havn't made it yet,I'll keep trying!

More updates! Given up smoking after 30 odd years to play the didgeridoo! Harder than it looks!.... So is the didgeridoo!

They said it would not happen to mefinding someone to share my life with, after loosing my first wife, but it has happened! For the full story, click on My Musings


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Last Updated January 2013